Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

The one in the Wormhouse

Elspeth gets friendly with worm people

Inside a small pink notebook with strawberry scented pages is Lliira’s small neat overly curly handwriting~

Lliira’s Adventure Log!

This is so exciting, We started off inside the Blue Dragon Inn, I’m glad that I have made these new friends, I have never had the courage to come in here but these guys don’t seem to mind at all! Else manages to never have to buy a drink, she has this way of smiling that make men buy them for her! We are sitting around the table when Sil huffs and says that he can’t waste time any longer. He tells us that he needs to find his parents and that he really doesn’t care about what happens to this town and that worms are disgusting. He gives Else his special coin and wishes us all luck, well at least I guess he did, he didn’t actually say it out loud but I know he definitely thought it.

We stay there for ages waiting for Skani to come back but he never shows. Instead another man sits down with a huge bucket of ale ( like massive, way bigger than my head!) he has a shaved head a this awesome green beard, personally I think pink would have looked better but green is still cooler than normal hair. He starts this huge story about following a man who seemed to have been lured into a warehouse by a woman and then killed by these worm people, He says that he roused the guards but they all died too. After all of this he has drunk almost the entire bucket and he seems to notice me (Finally) and introduces himself as Laucien!?! He looks nothing like I imagined Cea told me he was dreamy and that he had the prettiest eyes. Also he isn’t a demon bear which was also a little disappointing. He asks about what we have been up to and we fill him in ending with how we have lost our half orc. Laucien tells us that he heard a group of dock hands talking about of a half orc being carried off by a group of guards and that he is probably in jail…or the morgue!

Laucien suddenly spots a man at the bar listening to our conversation, and basically asks him to join us on this attack on the worm people, and this new guy (Henry I think his name is) is all for it…

Else gets up and sexy walks over to two men playing with knives she starts up a conversation however she seems to be getting angry all the guys are watching and as Else walks off one of the guys smacks her butt! Instatntly Laucien tells him to apologise, and amazingly this guy does and walks off, it was so cool.
Else and I go up to the bar to get a drink and she actually pays for herself. Else tries to talk to her about the recent problems but the dwarvish lady wont talk so I ask if she is ok because she looks so scared and sad, she passes me a not ( and call it my TAB, Im like some kind of secret spy now) and it say’s that they are watching! which is super creepy.

I tell everyone that it’s getting dark and we should head back to the temple for the night however they are SOOO thick and take ages to get the hint. We finally make it back to the temple and I tell them that they can’t just be so open about all their plans and things they act like they have never lived in a city where you always need to be careful.

Finally we regroup after going to get their stuff and setting up a meeting with THUMPKIN!! (hahaha) and we start to talk about the worms again, Lauc seems obsessed so we head off to investigate the warehouses at night in the dark….

We go to the first one where the lady’s body had been found and the place had to be burnt due to all the worms, I wonder if they need the docks for a specific reason, maybe the sewers or maybe it actually came in on one of the ships… We find that the roof collapsed due to a massive weight upstairs. Laucien points out claw marks and drag marks as well as meat hooks hanging from the ceiling, he tells us that they were in the other warehouse too.

I can tell that the fire wasn’t magical however I see Henry pick up a knife that i can sense magic in. I take a closer look and detect Enchantment and Transmutation, there are also runes inscribed but I can’t yet read them.

We go to the other warehouse that laucien was at and we find it chained up and locked. Who could do this??
We find out that the worm people are amazingly dexterous however they can’t speak, perhaps one of them locked it up..

Henry picks the lock and Sanjo walks in setting off a trap he manages to miss the meat hook mostly however gets sliced up a bit. We all look inside carefully and see that the floor is covered in dirt and grossness and we can see small worms wriggling through the dirt. The roof is sagging and gross water is dripping through the cracks in the wood, there are three bodies in the corner and we can just make out their chainmail and we assume that these are the guards that were left behind, the one guard that Laucien die has apparently been chopped up and turned into worm food…. Adventuring is kinda gross so far.
Sanjo listens carefully and tells us that the bodies are still breathing however he can see that they are bulging strangely.
We decide that we need to go and get Blaise so we leave Laucien and Henry to guard the WORMhouse! and head back up to the keep. just as we get there we hear a horn blow from downtown which doesn’t seem good.
We wake up Blaze and Captain Valeria and with a whole bunch of guards we head back to the wormhouse, we get there and find Laucien talking to another group of guards, they come up with a plan and Blaze, the Captain and all the guards go to the big front door and we all head in through the side door carefully.

Else casts “Thunderwave” to clear a space in the floor and we all step in, Henry staying just outside the door. The guards have managed to bust open the door and they all walk in fanning out so check it out. One of the guards stands on the stairs and we all hear a groaning and a loud crack as the floor above splits and a wave of filth and bodies rains down Including a huge gross tentacle monster (apparently its called a Otyugh) falls in right near the front door and everyone starts fighting……


I don’t remember most of the battle, however I remember actually being helpful by freezing the wormpeople. We manage to kill everything without losing anyone from our group, however a lot of guards died.

We realise that the whole of the southern wall is on fire, I attempt to freeze it however it doesn’t stop the fire completely.

Else inspects the Otyough, found in sewer systems and filth, scavenger, possibly that the worm people kept it as a pet.

I attempt to get out however I slip on the wiry muddy-ness and get all dirty.
Outside a crowd has gathered the guards are attempting to hold them back, between the legs of the adults are orphans, possibly Thumpkins (THUMPKIN!!) watchers.

I ask the guards to get buckets to stop the fire from spreading, they look like I’m some kind of idiot and I wish I could kick them in the shins, Henry then steps in to back me up and Valaria also steps in to threaten the stupid idiots and they go off.

We have nothing else to do here so we all head back to the Temple to get some rest and clean up!

Overall, we had a pretty decent night. I think I might actually be ok at this adventurer life!



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