Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

The One with the Bar Brawl

Adriel's Letter

Dear Ardo,

I find myself well, if not weary from my travels, and pray that you and the temple are too.

I made my way to the city of Destrum after the long and arduous journey from our hometown there in Ameril. The journey was perilous and fraught with tribulations, many of which due to ill favour and misunderstanding, I believe Pelor continues to test us.

As I was leaving for Draks I sought transport upon a ship. My naivety put me in the unfortunate position of dealing with some rather unsavoury fellows. I swung passage on a ship with a rather egregious bunch. As we were travelling, the ship was beset by the king’s soldiers who took the crew and myself hostage under the assumption that we were pirates. Me, a pirate! Thankfully, Pelor had smiled upon me this day and the soldiers recognised me as a cleric. It was hard to convince them I was unaffiliated with my travelling companions but I managed, somehow.

The ship I was on was towed to Destrum and I finally completed the journey across the great ocean that divides our two continents. Somewhere amidst the anarchy I noticed that the captain of the ship was no where to be found. He had managed to evade capture. I wonder if he really was a pirate? Maybe the captain was just another misplaced soul like myself.

Arriving at Destrum this morning I sought our Sister, Blaise Salenski. The city is much larger and greater than our humble town of Grenfeld but there is something foul grasping the landscape here. The air hangs thick with corruption and disease. The guards warned me upon entry to mind my step and not to trust anyone. This has made me quite on edge, to say the least. I pray for His continued strength to make it through.

Many of the citizens of Destrum seem downtrodden and miserable, the light extinguished from their eyes. These people are in desperate need of new hope; maybe that is the role I am destined to fulfil here.

Master Menos’ description of Blaise was not wrong, she indeed is quite beautiful, but I fear that this city has also taken its toll on her. Her voice was frazzled and filled with woe, I attribute this to her being stretched so thinly. I hope my aid and counsel will be of great boon to her, and the city. She has tasked me with bringing an Amas Thumpkin to justice; a dangerous man, apparently responsible for a great many crime in the city. She warned me that I should seek assistance in this task and that it would be difficult for me to go it alone.

As I was setting up my lodgings in the temple a strange group of people presented itself in the courtyard gardens, they spoke of business they had in the city. From what I gleaned at the time, their armaments looked like that of mercenaries. There was also what appeared to be a young girl who wore a dress that glittered and shone like a beacon of light, almost as if Pelor himself was presenting himself before my very eyes. My intuition to speak with them served me well, this fortuitous encounter must have been predestined.

The group contained four strange individuals to which I later found out there were two others. By the time of writing this, I have yet to meet their sixth but he was “sharing his tip” with a singer at the tavern. He must be a Bard, then.

The rest of the group comprised of:

  • A guarded looking human, Sanjo. He said very little to me but I could sense there have been dark times in this man’s past. His eyes, a cold blue, like a lone wolf separated from his pack.
  • A half-elf woman with a vibrantly coloured blue hair who goes by Elspeth. Despite being such a fair maiden, her words were cold and untrusting. I had always heard tales of bards being one of the friendliest of folk. Yet there is more than meets the eye with this one.
  • A Halfling named Lliira, her stature and size belie her age. I made the mistake of calling her a young girl and yet she has lived over two of my lifetimes. She certainly doesn’t act as I’d expect of someone twice my age, she has such a youthful and innocent energy. I dare say she’s more naive than I was in my youth.
  • A Half-Orc, name of Skarni, a man of few words. His presence and stature was overwhelming. His few words and grunts towards me made me uncomfortable. I sense an intense burning rage that I pray I don’t find myself on the end of.
  • Finally, a man who appeared to lead the group, a fellow Amerillian with unnaturally bright green hair who introduced himself as Kevin. Kevin was.. Interesting. I do not believe he is as he says. For someone to lie to a cleric I assume he has either done something terrible or he is in serious trouble. I felt it wise not to push the issue further as our relationship is fragile and I’m not in a position to decline help when it is offered so freely.

The halfling introduced the group as ’Lliira’s Band of Battling men’. An odd name, I grant you, but you always taught me not to judge a book by its cover.

The group were rather secretive about their task and altogether suspicious. They looked capable albeit strange. The guards words echoed in my head not to trust anyone in the city and so I felt it best to take heed and be cautious dealing with anyone other than Blaise. We eventually struck an accord and traded our tasks. They have promised me aid in my task so long as I assist them in theirs. Our tasks seem to intertwine in some way, although they’re withholding that information. They seem to be hiding a lot of things, but I cannot expect them to trust me if I do not yet trust them myself.

They had business at the main temple in Destrum to which, surprisingly, there was no major shrine to Pelor, the only chapel seemed to be in the keep. I’m concerned at this news, the situation is grave indeed if Pelor’s light is not reaching the citizenry.

We concluded business there promptly and continued to the courtyard where we discussed their task. Again, the group seemed to talk in riddles, not revealing anything of consequence other than that they had business at the tavern, that they knew something of Thumpkin and that their task is to bring a leader of a group called the “Grey Ghosts” to justice.

We later moved on to the Minstrel’s Flagon, a local tavern where the group had arranged to meet a local business man, to which I found out should have been Amas himself. Alas, it was not him but a shapeshifting monster that I can only describe as off-putting. The group demonstrated their mettle and battle prowess when chaos descended upon the tavern and our training in the Trials proved invaluable. I hope my assistance did not go unnoticed and that they trust me a little more now. We managed to capture some of the ambush party as well as the shapeshifter. I hope we can use him to find Amas and bring my task to a swift resolution.

I shall keep you updated on my quests.

Stay safe Brother,




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