Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

The Unsent Letter in Adriel's Pack

Lliira's reading of Adriel's letter.

Upon opening the wax sealed envelope Lliira sees Adriel’s final letter to his sister Cassandra. The handwriting seems to get progressively worse. A few small drops of now blackened blood embellishes Adriel’s signature.

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Cassie,

It’s been quite some time since we spoke last, I’m sorry. I wish I could write you more often but my duties as a cleric keep me busy. How are you? Are mother and father doing well?

I have not been here in Destrum for long, just over a day now, and the pace of the city is much faster than that of the farm and temple. Everything changes so quickly. Yesterday felt like one of the longest days of my life. I am really enjoying the change of scenery, I only wish that you could one day come to visit and see it for yourself.

I met a really interesting group of people in my short time here, I would like to introduce them to you some day. I’m not one to trust quickly but I must admit that, in the short time I’ve known them, I’ve become rather attached. I don’t think I could have made it through yesterday without their help and I thank Pelor for our fateful encounter.

There is Lliira, a Halfling, she is actually 50 but she looks adorable, like a porcelain doll, almost like your old doll Tilly. Lliira’s warm, friendly and keeps a wonderful garden. I feel you would get along really well and I’d wager she would love the farm.

There is Skarni, a half-Orc from a barbarian clan. His presence is unsettling but his axe is true. He’s quick to temper but I believe he is just. I fear for Skarni, he is not the smartest of creatures and I’m afraid this recklessness may be the cause of his demise. I pray that Pelor has mercy on him and, should anything happen, that Pelor accepts him into his Light.

Clint, well, I barely spoke with Clint. He appeared to be some sort of ranger whose face tells tales of many a struggle. Some of the others knew him, he seemed cold and untrusting towards me though. I don’t think you’d get along with him. He reeks of a strange herb but it’s not one I’m familiar with. You were always better with plants than I.

Sanjo, a man of very few words but stout of heart and skilled with a blade. He’s got a very odd obsession with cloaks though. Do you still have grandfather’s old cloak? Should you ever meet him make sure it remains hidden, although he has a nose for these kinds of things I’m sure he’ll find his way to it somehow.

Laucien, his charm and wit reminds me of your fiancĂ©, Dante. How long is it now until your wedding? Laucien’s actually a paladin from our homeland there in Ameril. He is of noble birth and part of the Dotsk family. I had never met a man of nobility before and was always intimidated at the prospect of meeting one, especially considering my own lack of pedigree, but Laucien was surprisingly… normal. By the end of last night, I understood why this man was leading the group. I don’t know what it is about him but he is definitely a man I can trust with my life.

My superior at the temple, Blaise. She is a radiant example of Pelor. Her wisdom is great and I’m so grateful for her guidance. I would love to introduce everyone at the village to her. Perhaps one day I can convince her to come to the village and help me perform the harvest blessings on the farmlands.

I must return to my duties I have spent far too long writing this message and I hope that it finds you. Send mother and father my love.

Your loving brother,



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