Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

The very long, no good, rotten night

From bloody bar brawls to gorey gambling games.

Lliira’s Adventure Log

Inside the strawberry scented pink pages Lliira’s normally neat and curly writing becomes increasingly messy

Waiting outside Captain Valaria’s rooms, its super boring, there aren’t any paintings out even windows! I try to skip around but even that gets boring so I just end up humming and booping against the wall. Elspeth tries to eavesdrop but the guard gets cranky and she sulks off.

After some time we hear a knock on the door and Valeria calls for Blaise and she soon comes past. as always she is so nice and tells me about a garden down stairs which I walk off to find. The garden is so pretty and I manage to get some Aloe and Thyme too! GS-017-Courtyard-Garden.jpg

Blaise walked past giggling and I ask how it went, she seemed to think it was going well. Our conversation turns to gardening and just as im about to ask where she got her pretty dress a messenger comes and tells her she has a visitor and she excuses herself. Im not left alone for long though as the others join me with Laucien who looks like he is going to puke. Although he doesn’t tell us how things went he does say that Valaria has given us a new mission, which is to bring in the leader of the Grey-Guards which Else is happy about.

A man pokes his head through the door and we call him over to ask what he wants and he asks us if we are adventurers as he needs a group to help him arrest Thumpkin, which is pretty handy as Im pretty sure they are connected.The man, named Adriel asks if our group has a name and I shout out “LLIIRA’S BAND OF BATTLING MEN” it doesn’t go down well.

We decide to talk tactics at the Temple and Else and Sanjo go find Skani and Henry. They come back but henry isn’t with them. Skani tells us that he had gone outside to fight some shady assassin guys and when he returned Henry had disappeared along with some singer and we decide to head back to the bar to scout it out and possibly track the possible assassins. However when we get there its in the middle of the lunch rush, we manage to get a table and fill in time by chatting and Else makes some money by playing on stage which is so AWESOME!

At 6 on the dot, the door slams open and two men walk in wearing grey robes with a thin man following and looks around the room he announces himself as Thumpkin however I recognise he is a con man known Sible Hawksworth and starts addressing everyone but mostly directs his conversation to Else. Else smiles back at him, introductions are given and a conversation, it devolves into threats and as the man walks out he says “hope you all enjoy the entertainment” and as he does everyone in the bar stands up, suddenly Skani shouts and flips the table and as he does 2 arrows thud into the table.

In the midst of the battle the big bar dude steps out from the bar and smashes Sanjo with a tree. From under the table I cast Crown of Madness and he attacks his comrade hitting him across the room.
From nowhere a huge blue shadow wolf appears and attacks Else knocking her down, she casts Thunder-wave and knocks it back.
Two men attack me, one with a crossbow and one with an axe, the arrow misses however the axe hits me. A man with a spear also attacks me and shoves me back into the table driving his spear into my shoulder tearing my dress further. Sanjo burns the crossbow guy and I make the Bar man smash into the spear man, bonking him on the head and knocking him out too. Adriel runs over and heals my wounds. Then the bar man seeing that no-one was near him he attacks me, smashing the table above me however missing me, and managing to break free from my spell.

I look over to see Laucien battling a part snake, part monkey, part bird person, he manages to grapple it down and knock him out and the bird like creature becomes at this point we have managed to either kill or knock out the other attackers. My dress is torn and bloody and I know I won’t be able to salvage it. I can feel the adrenalin wearing off and I’m starting to shake.
Sanjo and Laucien begin to tie everyone up, I ask if Laucien or Adriel can heal the men that were knocked out from the tree trunk hits from the bar man, I couldn’t bare it if they died because of me. Laucien heals one who doesn’t look as bad and Adriel attempts to heal the other and although his heads knits back together however he doesn’t seem to recognise anything Lauc tells me that the damage was too much and asks Sanjo to put him down, Sanjo walks up and chops off his head. This is too much. This is my fault. I need to learn how to control my magic. I walk off to the side of the room, cast"Mending" on my tattered dress, although it doesn’t remove the blood which is a mix of mine and others, and start to cry.
Laucien and skani start to interrogate the captured men and skani snaps one’s’ finger to make him talk, I shiver at the sound of the snap.

After the questioning Skani pulls the corpses into a pile and Adriel covers them with a sheet and every one walks away from them. I get up and give them their last rights so that I can at least know that they will move on and find peace.

Sanjo asks if there is a way to stop the Doppelganger (silver grey man) from escaping and I cast “Phantasmal Force” to make him believe that he is in a mesh cage.

Laucien wakes him up and they begin a conversation.
The grey man, still claiming to be the con man Hawksworth switches from multiple times at one point becoming a young girl, just as he does I notice an old woman has come down the stairs slightly, staring at the scene, I call to Laucien and point out the woman, and she runs back up the stairs. the conversation continues. He brings up that Else has disappeared, and that she is a spy. He also reveals one of Laucien’s secrets about how he used to bully halflings.
Laucien steps forward through the walls of the cage and Hawksworth steps backwards also through the bars however no harm seems to come to him.
They come to a conclusion and Laucien gives him 100GP to arrange a meeting with the true Thumpkin, Hawksworth turns into young man and runs out the door. Laucien then lets the other prisoners go and then he and Adriel start to get into a verbal disagreement about Laucien’s true identity and Skani starts rummaging around behind the bar and begins drinking the alcohol. Sanjo goes up stairs to investigate and soon returns.
Everyone is getting ready to leave and I ask if they are truly going to just leave this place without doing anything about the dead or informing Valaria. Laucien agrees and says that we should talk to Valaria and I decide to follow him. We head off in silence.
We get to valaria’s quarters. she gets super cranky about the fact that Lauc lets everyone go. He tells her about our night although seems to gloss over most of the details, he also tells her about the meeting that has been arranged.

We return to the bar and find that new people have arrived, they introduce themselves as Talin, Jerome and other men. we decide that Talin and his men will enter the warehouse with us and that Jerome will wait outside and raise the alarm if its needed.
We wait until 11pm and then head of to the FARTHERS (aka farthest) DOCK, and see a warehouse with the lights still on, Laucien walks up and knocks. The door swings open, and we all enter. A man is playing an upbeat song, everyone is barely dressed, and we make our way through the crowd and come to a door with a portcullis with traps on the stairs that lead up to the next floor. We head up and enter as large room, there is another door at the other end that is covered in gold and has Amos (Thumpkin) written on it. As we reach the top of the stairs I look up and see another portcullis that is about to shut, I jump forward, ultimately shutting myself inside.

The guilder door opens, but the portcullis is still shut, and Amos steps out with a band of children. He brags about running the town and how he has killed his way up. He and Laucien decide to play a game of wit and the portcullis in front of Thumpkin opens and Laucien and Skani walk in. The rest of us are told that we must remain where we are. We hear that they decide to play a game of throwing knives at one of the children. and we hear the occasional yelp or whimper as that child is hit. They get to the last throw when they decide on the terms, Laucien says that if he wins he and Thumpkin will take a long walk alone outside, however if Thumpkin wins all of us out here becomes his slaves.
They take their final throws and Lauc wins as they are about to depart Thumpkin tells Skani to kill the child. Instead Skani attempts to hit Thumpkin and Thumpkin Shouts “FIRE” to the archers waiting in the gallery above us and the room erupts into fighting.
I notice that the room is filling with some kind of liquid which soon ignites and I manage to create a barrier of Ice around Talin and me with “Ray of Frost”. I create a path through the fire with my ice and Talin follows me into Thumpkins room.

I run to the window which has been smashed open and grab a Naked Lady paper weight of Thumpkins desk casting “Light” on it before throwing it down to where I could vaguely make out people. I see Sanjo slice into a huge wave monster with his axe, freezing it from the inside out, Skani is unconcious nearby and Laucien is nowhere to be seen.
I look to my right and see Adriel coming out of a corridor I ask where it leads and it says it goes to the gaming room downstairs and I run down and out without looking back.

I emerge out into the rain and see Jerome and the guards are on their way, I shout at them that the fight is this way and run around the side of the building. I just hope that I can make it there on time.



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