Henry Howe

Never ask a Howe how.


NICKNAMES: Howling Henry.
RACE: Human.
CLASS: Fighter; champion.
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil.
BEST ATTRIBUTES: Strength, dexterity and constitution.
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual.

HEIGHT: 6’1".
WEIGHT: 85kgs.
EYES: Blue.
HAIR: Brown with heavy stubble.
SKIN: Caucasian; tanned.

ATTIRE: A brown leather coat over a white shirt, brown trousers, a thick buckled belt and boots.
WEAPONS: Duel-wielded scimitars that he keeps strapped at his hips, a light crossbow slung around his back and a dagger tucked into one of his boots.
PETS: A parrot named Jensen, taken from him by the kings men.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: He likes a job well done, especially if he can convince someone else to do it. He dislikes people calling him Henry, preferring to be addressed by his last name until he shares a stronger relationship with a person. He allocates people nicknames based on their physical appearance or personality and will use that over their actual name whether it annoys them or not.
IDEALS: The sea is freedom, the freedom to go and do whatever he wants. Laws are more like guidelines than actual rules.
BONDS: The king took his ship, imprisoned his crew and took his bird, vengeance will be his.
FLAWS: His pride will lead to his downfall. He has a weakness for attractive women and a fear of being tied down. He will pocket any gold or trinkets he finds, even if they already have an owner. He dislikes nobility, unless they’ve worked hard for their title.


HOMETOWN: The island of Anguila.
BACKSTORY: My father, Samson Howe, isn’t a notorious pirate by any means. The ship he serves on has always been small, without ambition. They take what they need, but they haven’t got the drive for much more than that. Good folks though—let me come aboard when I was as young as eleven. Captain Braddock taught me the ropes, introduced me to the sea—You can’t really hate a guy for that no matter how soft he is.

I guess I was about sixteen when I realised that wasn’t the life I wanted to live. I wanted to push the boundaries, take the risk for the reward. I remember the feeling of dissatisfaction well. Got into plenty of fights with the captain over it—almost set his ship on fire once, HAH, oh boy I still remember the purple of his face when he ordered me off the ship.

I spent a little bit of time back in Anguila with my mother after that. She tried to steer me away from the pirate life, but she isn’t really in a position to talk about living rough. She’s a whore, but the toughest lady you ever did meet and her and dad adore each other. Through my twenties I worked short gigs with different captain’s and always found a reason to leave. I’ve travelled with the best of ‘em, worked up a name for myself as a drifter. Fought or ran from a lot of nasty situations. Pirates don’t like it when you leave their crew and take half their stuff with you. But any gold I smuggled was spent on training. I sought out the best swordsmen I could find and what I couldn’t learn from them I made up for in experience—you probably don’t want to know my head count to be honest. I got good, really good. And when I was good enough, taking my own ship wasn’t all that hard. I was twenty nine and I had men that wanted to follow me despite my age. It was an Amerilian vessel, beautiful thing. I stripped it bare and built it back up until it was my own. I called her the Hurricane. Finally, I had found my calling. I was never meant for a backseat position, I was born to drive.

We hit the big targets, raked in hoards of gold. People started knowing my name. Came up with that god awful nickname, but whatever, I can move past it. The funny thing is it doesn’t matter how shitty you are as a person, or what you did in your past, if you’re making them rich, pirates won’t try to kill you. I loved that crew, they were the best of the best, we were the best. You could say I got greedy, but I’ll just tell you I was always greedy. The big shot King of Draks had a trade ship headed to Ameril and I caught wind of it while I was visiting home. According to my sources, it was meant to be one ship. It was three. If we could pull this off… we would have been set for life. Greediness, cockiness, whatever you want to call it, drove me to my first major failure as a Captain. The bastards seized my baby and took us all. Or I should say they tried. I got away. Maybe they let me, just to watch me suffer. Or maybe it’s because I killed six of their men single-handedly and the rest of them were too afraid to take me on. Either way, my crew wasn’t so lucky, either imprisoned or killed and I was stripped of the best ship in the sea. But I’m coming back for it. I’m coming back for it all. The King of Draks should watch his back, because his last mistake will be underestimating me.
ENEMIES: Plenty. The King of Draks currently resides at the top of his list.
LOVE INTERESTS: He has had several bed partners, and has broken as many hearts, but has yet to give his own to someone permanently. He thought he was in love once. Her name was Isabella and she was beautiful and fierce as anything. He was so hopelessly smitten that it came as a complete surprise when she stole everything he owned except his ship and left without a trace in the middle of the night. He now fears the attachment, but more than that he fears sacrificing adventure and the sea, his first loves.
OPINION ON THE PARTY: Lliira: It’s been a long time since I’ve met a person that still held that much naivety. Ruffles seems to handle herself well enough in a fight – but she might get a rude awakening as soon as she leaves these city walls. I have the bizarre urge to shield her from the harsher parts of reality, but I guess she’ll see ’em all soon enough.

Elspeth: The daughter of lady Zariah… I know I shouldn’t… but I really wanna. Blue’s a feisty one, absolutely gorgeous, but tough and doesn’t take any shit; exactly the kind of thing that always sucks me in. She can pretend she hates me all she wants now, but I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends after we’ve traveled a little longer together.

Sanjo: He’s quiet, but I can tell he’s seen and maybe done some bad shit. Pretty decent guy for a bounty hunter—some of those assholes think they’re gods gift to humanity. He’s skilled with a blade too, maybe I’ll ask him if he’s got time to teach me his techniques.

Laucien: Hah, I always thought paladin’s were self-righteous do-gooders, but Laucien is a grand exception. Which isn’t to say he’s not an honorable guy (I’ll probably have to keep some of my less-than-savory habits out of his eyesight) but he’s not got a giant stick up his ass, which is a relief. He got a whole town listening to him; took it right out from under the Earl’s pompous nose, you gotta give a guy props for that. He’s got the charm to be a good leader, and despite his nobility still lurking in some of his actions, he’s okay in my books so far.

Skarni: The orc’s a bit of a worry. Where the fuck did these guys even find him? I mean, I’m an open minded guy, and I’ve met a few good orc eggs, but those were always the ones that were raised in or near cities, not the ones fresh from the dirt. Almost got me killed on the first night I met the guy. I know he’s got the best intentions, but he’s got no clue how to handle himself around people that aren’t… his people.

Henry Howe

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