Lady Zariah

Elspeth's Mother & Kirrougen's Spy-Master


As far as the public is aware, Lady Zariah is a high-elf who settled in Kirrougen a few centuries ago, and is an adviser to the Prelate. A skilled politician and wealthy patron of the arts, she is viewed with favour by most of the population. Her sharp tongue, and rumours of scandalous affairs often keep her the talk of both common and noble households.
Surprisingly she has no enemies, or at least none that are brave enough to make their animosity public. This may be attributed to the protection she enjoys from the Prelate’s office, but there are always rumours swirling about of assassinations, blackmail, kidnappings and anything else that could be attributed to a lively court in the average Kirrougean’s imagination.
What the majority of people aren’t aware of is that she is the Prelate’s Spy-Master. While bitter minds will attribute her power at court to sexual favours, the reality is that she is simply one of the most trusted and powerful members of government, especially in a society where knowledge is just about equal to currency.

Zaruiah_Fiend_Form.jpgAbsolutely no one, barring family and a few very close friends knows is that the Lady Zariah is not actually a high-elf at all, but the succubus Zariah-of-the-Subtle-Dawn. One might think it arrogance to not take on a completely new name, but few people would be pressed to name even a single demon, much less a particular succubus.
Unlike many of her kind, she would not feed as quickly as possible; but allow her prey as much enjoyment of their last moments as she could, taking up their anima as gently with the rays of the dawn.
Over her long life, Zariah found that she liked the mortal plane more and more for its own sake, rather than the prey she could find. In fact, it has been just over 150 years since she has returned to the Infernal Plane, and she has no plans either to return, or to allow either of her daughters there.

Zariah dotes on the girls, and deeply regrets Elspeth’s father’s death. However, she is not close to Lisbeth’s father, as the drow’s seduction had been for political expediency with no actual affection. Currently, her greatest passions appear to be political manipulation and the opera.


Last Seen: Kirrougen

Standing: Neutral (personally), Ally (while interests coincide)

Lady Zariah

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