Laucien Dotsk

The charming one.


RACE: Half-Elf
CLASS: Paladin (no, really)

AGE: 26 (‘about 25’ if you ask him)
HEIGHT: 1.79m (5’ 9")
WEIGHT: 68kg (150 lb)
EYES: Pale green
HAIR: Wavy, brown, medium-length
SKIN: Bronze

IDEALS: Freedom
BONDS: The common people must see me as a hero
FLAWS: I secretly believe that everybody is beneath me


“Fantastic news, brother dear; we’ve recently gotten word of a diplomatic posting that’s just opened, and it would benefit the family greatly if the eldest Dotsk child was to take the job to represent us. Don’t worry about the paperwork, for myself and your siblings have been kind enough to fill it out and submit it on your behalf. Tell me, have you ever wanted to visit Draks?”
- Rachaella Dotsk, second-born to Marquis Dotsk

HOMETOWN: Lokussa’s Wish, Ameril



  • The Party
    “For a band of misfits, we sure seem to be fitting in.”
  • The Dotsk Family: Marquis-Patriarch Pavel Dotsk, Matriarch Nishka Dotsk, fourth-born Katernin Dotsk
    “Thicker than water? We’ll see about that…”
  • Talin Kinley
    “Smooth motherfucker. Slickest battlefield-to-bedding transition I’ve ever seen.”
  • Cea Minwe


  • The Dotsk Children: second-born Rachaella Dotsk, third-born Gramsby Dotsk, fifth-born Braddword Dotsk
    “Put a half-breed between the most liberal of people and their inheritance, and you’ll soon find out how liberal they really are.”
  • The Nobility of Dotsk
    “Apparently, foiling a miscarriage of justice is a crime in and of itself in this cesspool of a city-state.”



  • Amaranthine:
    Amma is the first Tiefling I’ve ever seen in my life, and I must say, I find her incredibly interesting. We seem to get along rather well, though admittedly, I do feel regretful for dragging her into this rebellion pipe dream of mine. I know what it’s like to not fit in, and I can only imagine how much harder it is for a Tiefling to find a place in this world, especially one with Amma’s history. I worry that helping to make her an enemy of (and potentially a fugitive from) Draks will only make it harder for her to integrate into mainstream society, should she ever wish to do so. My only hope to make amends for this is to turn this rebellion into a revolution, though as my life is already on the line, I definitely already have enough motivation.
  • Clint of the Eastwood:
    Speaking of pipe dreams: Clint. I don’t think I’ve ever had a real conversation with the guy, but having said that, I’m not sure if any of us have. Actions do speak louder than words however, and his arrows sure speak loud enough for my ears. At this stage I’m happy to welcome all the help I can get, but part of me worries that Clint might be along for the ride – at least initially – for the wrong reasons. The guy hates Orcs with a burning passion. Yes, the Orcish tribes have been responsible for some great atrocities throughout the years, but if we’re successful in overthrowing the old rulers of the land, we cannot allow racial divisions to be a part of our reconstruction process, and there shall never be a better time than that to repair the rift between Orcs and the rest of us. Does Clint agree with me on this point? Only time will tell, I fear.
  • Sanjo Bluerune:
    It is an honour (and if I’m honest, something of a disappointment in regards to my own martial prowess) to fight alongside as skilled a fighter as Sanjo. He’s gotten us out of some incredibly tight spots, and when I think about if I was in his position instead at those points in our adventure, sure I’d be able to do it a bit more gracefully than he, that’s obviously a given, but would I be able to do it as successfully? That’s the important part, and it pains me to admit it, but I don’t always believe that I would. Gods, I pray that Sanjo never gazes upon this journal entry: I’ll never hear the end of it from he and Sil if this self-doubt is aired to anyone in the group.
  • Silevion:
    Even though they’re all humans, in some strange way, Sil reminds me of my own siblings, though not in as bad a way as anyone who’s heard me talk about my siblings would think. He’s stuck-up, he’s a brat, he’s got a selfish streak (well, ‘smear’ would be more accurate than ‘streak’), but none of this is his fault. He, like myself, has lived a life of privilege (despite the wishes of my dear brothers and sister, that is), but coming from an isolated, racially-pure community such as Nilvalian, as well as not having siblings and minor nobles despising the fact of his birth, I feel that those are perhaps the main reasons we may see the world differently. When I’m around Sil, I feel more connected than I have ever felt to my Elven heritage, and for the first time in my adult life, I don’t see my parentage as a burden, but I feel part of something bigger and more ancient than the ebb and flow of humanity. I have a lot to learn from our High-Elf companion, if he allows me to learn from him. I hope that Sil sticks around, and I pray that he can see the merits in our mission. He needs to see and believe in the altruistic reasons behind our cause though; if he helps us only due to the potential benefits for his homeland, for instance, I shall be immensely disappointed, as Sil has the potential to be a great and compassionate leader if that is the path he chooses. I’ll never say this to his face, but I am going to help him find his family.
  • Adric:
    I’ve heard many a tale about those of the druidic persuasion, but Adric is perhaps the tallest tale of them all. In the space of, what, 24 hours, he accidentally amputated Amma’s arm and saved the entire party from a werewolf attack by slaying the beast in single combat while we all lay unconscious on the floor around him. Sure, this was a fight that he himself instigated by making the decision to bite the pack leader’s throat after barking into the darkness at it for close to five minutes, but he pulled through in an epic way. When Adric is around, predictability isn’t just thrown out of the window, it’s cast onto another plane entirely. Oh right, yeah, the barking and the biting – he is a shapechanger. What forces can possibly grant someone such strange, primal Magicks, I cannot say, and I don’t feel like I’ll ever have the right mindset to even comprehend the answer to that question if it was presented to me. My powers come from Divinity, and if I hadn’t seen it many a time with my own eyes, I’d tell you that stories of shapechanging druids come from either drunkenness or lunacy (very probably both), and yet, this isn’t something that I get the opportunity to disbelieve.

Laucien Dotsk

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