Skarni, as predictable as the winter snow. Instinctual, cunning but ultimately let down by his own obsession with orcish honour. While he has no cheekbones chiseled on a feline face, nor gifted with mental acuity, he appears to have a daredevil personality, and a strong conviction that he cannot be hurt or killed by anything the kingdom has to throw at him.

It is inescapable that orcish culture is very different from the traditional kirruogen or native of the kingdom. Skarni can go from a quiet, but youthful and energetic(for an half-orc) to a rampaging berserker at the slightest mistreatment.

it is obvious in his gait and by breaking down his movement, style and technique that he was trained someone who was in the royal army or even part of them at some point. While orcs are sought after as mercenaries, those drilled as kingsmen are rare. The truth of this matter is unclear.

By the time he was thirteen, Skarni had made a name for himself as errand boy for the local royal army outpost by his birthplace of Orchain. There he watched the soldiers train, spar and march. In trade for running messages, he was often rewarded with rations to return to his mother or sparring lessons.

As a man to everyone but his own kin, being only thirteen in orcish years and yet to kill enough to be a full twenty he has been forced out into the wilderness by the current warchief of his clan. Skarni fears for his mother and misses his home dearly, but knows that he must return to take back his honour… or bring the honour to him.

The only thing that Skarni knows for sure is that the Warchief Devoro must die, and only by his hand.

The Party
While they rescued him from certain execution by the Earl Destrom, he has learned to call them his allies. Through his motivation is unclear; it seems to be some sort of collective life debt towards them, or it could be that he has nothing better to do. Skarni understands his role in the team, and does not hesitate to throw himself in the way of danger to protect them. Though his natural curiosity, lack of empathy and tact seem to be constantly putting him at odds with them.

  • Laucien, The Kingsman
    Skarni has decided that Laucien must be the leader of the group. Though he is not sure why. He has not seen the man kill another, nor strike those who would disrespect him, or force his warriors to stop quarreling.
  • Eslpeth, The Warsinger
    Skarni knows that Elspeth disapproves of his predisposition towards violence. This is a thing he does not understand. When Skarni fought the troll, she played for him and he felt that he could achieve great things, and he saw his triumph over his rivals. Most importantly; He saw HIS clan, which his enemies were not apart of.

Elspeth is a test from the gods, and she must not be disappointed.

  • Silevion, The Witch
    SIlevion and Skarni do nothing but disgust eachother. If Skarni knew that Silevion was almost a hundred years old, but zero in orcish, it would be a mighty blow to his standing with the half-orc. Sil has done nothing wrong by the orc though, and Skarni respects him for that. Especially for the aid in retrieving his equipment.
  • Sanjo, The Bounty Hunter
    Skarni and Sanjo have never fought, but Skarni would stop at nothing if pushed again. Sanjo has denied him proper fair payment for going chin-to-chin with a troll, even after incurring weapon debt on him for an axe. Skarni believes that Sanjo speaks for none but himself, and unfortunately for the bounty hunter, an orc hates easily and respects slowly.
  • Amaranthine, The Blackmarked
    The second party member not to quarrel with Skarni over simple things. Skarni respects Amaranthine despite her lack of martial prowess, she is cunning. Just as fast as Kayr, his childhood friend if not faster and certainly a better thief. They shared a brief moment before delving deep into the mines. They share a connection, albeit small. Those who are outcasts have only one family; themselves.


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