Neon’allure is a floating, magically-corrupt city suspended entirely by the joint effort of the morally-broken spellcasters and the loyalist-mages.
Rocks and boulders often crash together in their suspension hundreds of meters above the ground, massive trees continue to grow as they protrude from scrap-metal and buildings long destroyed, their tale lost to history.
Control of the city’s transient properties has long been relinquished to it’s own soul. Those with magical properties merely feed it to avoid the inevitable collision with the ground and the destruction that would unfold.

The area has a .. thickness about it. It’s suffocating, magically. Our research-trip was cut short when our greatest mages began exhibiting an odd corruption of mind. Their sickness lasted for days after we left and their fever subsided. I don’t feel for those that live there; they are but moths to a lamp, unaware of their own futility in the matter.

Let Rise of Corrupt

The history of Neon’Allure is traced differently according to those asked. Anyone with magic can feel the city has been around far longer than those without can predict. On the other hand, the records of Neon’Allure show a very distinct beginning as ‘Allure’, previous to it’s rising from the planet.

Allure had been through a mutual agreement with neighbouring cities to trade it’s newly flourishing potion and alchemy scene for raw ingredients for said magic. As demand rose, as did the greed. Citizens without magical abilities quickly learned the most basic of potion-making, lacing it with all kinds of dangerous substitutes.
Agreements turned sour, battles were fought and it was decided ‘Allure’ required nothing from it’s neighbours.
A council was drawn from the greatest spellcasters and mages to decide the fate of the citizens, but a council consisting of weak minds forwarded weak decisions.

We felt a rumble, not too strong. Allure had earthquakes frequently during this time. The dwarves worked on a schedule as old as ours, and Spring was their most active time.
It lasted for hours though. It was a dull drone that placed itself firmly in your skull.
Later in the day, the children noticed it first – that .. pressure.
We didn’t know then, but now we know to associate it with an incredible feat of magic. The children were screaming, it must have been terrible for them. The poor things.
By the time we could feel it ourselves it was interrupted with a sudden silence. No noise, but an immense pressure pushing ever fibre of our bodies into itself. But no noise. Not a single thing made a note.
.. and then we rose.
The city lights shook, the buildings buckled, the roads and lanes warped and the the rumbling was louder than ever. The skyline began to shift below and our view of The Great Forest was now just treetops. It took days for the magic to finish it’s job and by then many citizens couldn’t stand the pressure, the noise, the fear.. and sadly.. decided to jump. Poor buggers.

The Decline Upward

Allure began accepting it’s fate as a sky-city now, years passed without responsibility being checked or exacted and wildlife had taken an evolutionary hike to adapt to the changes. The air was thinner, rain came as a heavy fog, clouds were below the mega-structure and resources were initially scarce.

As with all magic, the results were uneven and the city warped around a central gravity locale. Parts of the city that were once furthest from each other now lay stacked, a 100ft fall. Unbeknownst to the average person, the effects of the magic had taken a life of their own, drawing in nearby landmass and nature. Structures haphazardly found their home between different sections of the city. Bridges began forming from unlikely materials – doors, rope, compressed natural fibre – providing the athletic with an opportunity to traverse the city at a great speed.

Over a hundred-or-so years, the city had compressed on itself in such a way that air movement was minimal, light only hit the outside surfaces and fluids could fall from the top to the bottom reaching every crevice on it’s way. This compression factored two problems into the living arrangements:

  1. Citizens now lived in near-darkness,
  2. Living conditions declined rapidly.

These factors contributed to an increase of crime – from petty to national corruption – and the once-peaceful city became known for it.


Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs vSanjo