Orchain, Home of the Redmaw.

Orchain was built to hang over the tip of a mountain. Those that built the town sunk their hooks deep into the mountain, hanging bridges across the lip of the snowy earth.Tactically; This was the best place to settle. They could not be flanked left or right, the mountain too tall to climb or assault from the bottom, they could only charge carefully from the top, and then hope that there was not defenders ready to displace them.

Surprisingly; Orchain is not led by their warchief but by a circle of elders. Those orcs who do survive to grow old are often seen as exceptions to most traditions and rules. Their wisdom and knowledge of the world, of battle are something that the Redmaw rely on to keep them strong.

Orchain’s weather is a simple circle; In the warmer seasons it rains, and they are blessed with a stop in the snowfall. In the colder months, it is often seen as an excuse to stay inside or send out their warparties out in search of plunder and warmer territory.

While the Redmaw are a mostly nomadic people, they do not grow any source of vegetables, instead hunting the outskirts of the city virtually clean of animals. Their size more often than not making them more than capable hunters. Though the elders of Orchain are trying to teach the clan as a whole about the importance of evolving their diet past meat, as impossible as a task it is.

  • In the center of Orchain is a large arena sunk into a wooden platform. It is here that the mountains shake with ritualistic tribal chants backed by a pounding tribal cant. It is expected that the entire tribe partake in the music; even if it is just banging bits of wood together. Their collective sound is said to be so loud that it causes avalanches on the reverse side of the mountain, and penetrate the walls of realms.

The People of Orchain:
While they are small in number, the people of Orchain make up for it with pure tenacity and a refusal to buckle under the sub-zero conditions. Just like a king, they will not bend the knee to the coming of winter. They are fair, but most importantly they value strength, honesty and bravery over diplomacy, face and cowardliness.

  • Azain, Erkaz and Jund are the three oldest orcs to live in Orchain and often take the roll of what the outside world would call village elders.

Azain is the veteran of almost a hundred battles and has more scars than he has wrinkles.
Erkaz is a shaman of great repute, it is said that she can see into the future, and that gift only grows stronger the closer she gets to her death.
Jund is a great builder, he was there when Orchain was founded and is a brittle old man. He knows the weaknesses of Orchain, but he also knows the surrounding land. If there is a cave or dungeon he does not know, then it is has never been found.

  • Devora. The Warchief of the Redmaw. Her strength is unrivaled, her knowledge of the land is without peak and her hatred for half-orcs is almost as unrivaled as her strength. Devora has a special hatred for Skarni, who broke her nose as a child during a playful row. While they grew up together, she learned to hate from her father and how to act on it from her grandmother.
  • Kayr Azinyr. Skarni’s childhood ally and troublemaker. Takkayr is a skilled hunter and taught Skarni how to use beartraps and craft deadfall traps. His skill at tracking and prowling easily translate to thieving from nearby human settlements when he visits. Kayr started as Skarni’s rival, but ended up a brother in heart.
  • Arityr. The mother of Skarni. She was struck blind during a Azor with the previous warchief for Skarni’s right to stay within the clan as a full orc. While the sword welt across her face mars her sight, she still remains deadly in her age, being a mere thirty-four in orcish years. She hates Devora with a vengeance, but knows that she would stand no match to her. She hopes that one day that Skarni will return to guide the clan more wisely, and hopefully that day comes before they starve to death in the mountains.


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