Of Kings and Men [In Progress] [Main Quest]

  • Meet Bennett Rowe at the Abandoned Mine +
  • Escape the Abandoned Mine +
  • Find the Road to Westbrook +
  • Find Melina +
  • Head to the Lost Ruins of Ikhael and meet Bennett Rowe
  • Rally the folk of the Westlands +
  • Rally the folk of Draks
  • Rally the folk of Neon Allure
  • Rally the folk of the Bloodfang Clan
  • Rally the folk of the Tarvon Traders
  • Investigate the disappearances of non-humans

Way Between Worlds [In Progress] [Main Quest]

  • Talk to the ghost of Imerial about the Link Room +
  • Talk to Grazzit the Imp about the Link Room +
  • Find the items required to activate the portal +
  • Complete the ritual +
  • Open the way to The Citadel of Ikhael

Scent of Corruption [In Progress] [Adric:Character Quest]

  • Talk to Mogweth
  • Learn more about The Rotting Man
  • Contact the Wulfric Circle

Darkest Before Dawn [In Progress] [Laucien:Character Quest]

  • Choose a home base

Cold Trails, Dark Deeds [In Progress] [Sil:Character Quest]

  • Find Rumours of your parents+
  • Ask Destrum about your parents+
  • Head to Draks
  • Discover the identity of the cloaked figure

The Lost Blade [Failed] [Sanjo:Character Quest]

  • Find Rumours of an ancient blade+
  • Investigate Skarni’s Scabbard -

All that Glitters [Failed] [Amma:Character Quest]

  • Find rumours of the True Diamond -
  • Ask about lost treasure troves -

The Ghosts of the Past [Failed] [Clint:Character Quest]

  • Visit the Bloodfang Tribe -

The Abyss Looks Back [In Progress] [Skarni:Character Quest]

  • Find a way to prove your worth+
  • Discover the fate of the missing warband +
  • Defeat Kharid +
  • Unite the tribes

Courting Death [In Progress] [Elspeth:Character Quest]

  • Read your mother’s Missive

Small feet, Big Shoes [In Progress] [Llirra:Character Quest]

  • Prepare for your first big adventure. Look the Part. +
  • Leave Destrum. +
  • Learn about what adventuring really entails. +
  • Choose Wisely

A Ship by Any Other Name [Failed] [Henry:Character Quest]

  • Find out where your ship is being held +
  • Head to Port Telorn -

Faithful to the Last [Failed] [Adriel:Character Quest]

  • Meet Blaise Salenski in Destrum +
  • Talk to Blaise about Pelor and The Old Keep –

There are Fates Worse Than Death [In Progress] [Ailish:Character Quest]

  • Wake from the Fever Dream

Puppet Strings, Darker Things [In Progress] [Roche:Character Quest]

  • Gather the Tome of Unmaking from Ikhael

Past and Future [In Progress] [Valkyrie:Character Quest]

  • Petition a ruler for new lands for your village

The Way of the Wild [Completed]

  • Find the bodies of Danfir’s party +
  • Follow the wolves back to their lair -
  • Meet Canrith -
  • Discover the true killer -
  • Side with the Hunters +
  • Side with Canrith -
  • Kill Canrith +
  • Secure a reward from Earl Karl Destrum +

A Prick of Blood [In Progress]

  • Talk to Mogweth

Porks and Packs [Failed]

  • Retrieve Pelwin’s pack+
  • Return Pelwin’s pack to him-

Witching Season [Completed]

  • Stop the hanging of Sadel Claywheel +
  • Ask about Melina in the village +
  • Save the bakers boy from the ogres -
  • Find the cave to the north +
  • Investigate Guffery +
  • Kill Rahn’s Ghost-
  • Investigate the rotting ferry -
  • Investigate Lonni’s hut +
  • Kill Lonni Longshanks+
  • Kill Groa+
  • Stop Melina from becoming a hag +
  • Convince the townsfolk not to kill Melina +
  • Secure a reward from Earl Karl Destrum +

Kept Beneath [Failed]

  • Investigate the missing animals around Westbrook -
  • Kill the Manticore -

Hunted [In Progress]

  • Avoid being killed or captured by Gareth at Westbrook +
  • ???

Common Pests [Failed]

  • Kill the Ankhegs at Lily’s Farm +
  • Find the Ankheg Warren -

Miner Mishaps [Completed]

  • Travel to Stonebridge Mine +
  • Side with Talin’s Men +
  • Side with Madaline Fields -
  • Return with an ore shipment to Marlin Klose +

Delving Deeper [In Progress]

  • Clear the first level of Stonebridge Mine
  • Enter the Underdark beneath Stonebridge Mine

A Stone by Any Other Name [Completed]

  • Answer the advert about help in regards to a Golem +
  • Help Cea Minwe bind the golem +

Bump in the Night [Failed]

  • Answer Darion Kilpatrick’s advert for help with a Haunting -
  • Investigate the haunted house -
  • Prevent the killing of Darion Kilpatrick -
  • Stop the house from burning -

Festering Suspicions [Completed]

  • Answer Elarion’s advert for help with his missing wife -
  • Talk to Elarion about his dead wife+
  • Investigate the rash of disappearances in Destrum Keep+
  • Find the wormform hideout+
  • Destroy the worm nest+
  • Report to Valaria for a reward+

Problems in Priestville [Failed]

  • Investigate the commotion at the church of Helm in Destrum Keep -
  • Talk to Samuel in the jail before he is executed –

What Lurks Below [Completed]

  • Investigate the ‘Old Keep’ in Destrum Keep +
  • Activate the Portal +

Monsters and Men [Completed]

  • Investigate the raids on outlying farms near Destrum Keep +
  • Talk to Plum the guard -
  • Talk to Camile, a surviving farmer +
  • Discover the creature’s weaknesses -
  • Track the creature back to it’s lair+
  • Kill or capture the Troll +
  • [Optional] Investigate the Troll’s Lair +
  • Return to Captain Valeria for a Reward +

Unlikely Allies [Completed]

  • Find out who ‘Big Brother’ is +
  • Follow up leads either at the Tavern or through the Orphans +
  • Meet Amos at the Inn +
  • Confront Amos at his office +
  • Capture Amos and return to Valeria for your reward+

Change of the Guard [Completed]

  • Side with the Bandits and Kill Earl Karl Destrum +
  • Side with the Earl and Kill Talin Kinley -
  • Kill both Destrum and Kinley -
  • Announce a new leader +

In Sheeps Clothing [Completed]

  • Investigate the story of the Demon Wolves +
  • Hunt down the Winter Wolves +

Ring Around the Rosie [Completed]

  • Investigate the story of a Plague in Ember +
  • Track down the source of the plague +
  • Kill the plague “bear”-er +
  • Cure the remaining peasants +

What Once Slept [In Progress]

  • Investigate the story of a beast attacking Ferrowview


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