Redmaw Clan

The most savage, mean and undoubtedly the most brutal of all the races of Ameril. History of their origin vary. Different clans have different stories, some say they were born from the blood splattered howl of a god, while most outsiders claim they sailed across the sea. Orcs are often portrayed as dull, stupid things, but this stereotype is not wholly justified. They are not blessed with the faculties for thought as abstract as that of other races, but their capacity for survival and tactical cunning is almost unparalleled.

The Redmaw are frequently covered in hideous scars. Male orcs in particular often bear the scars of countless battles: milky eyes, missing ears, broken teeth, split noses and crooked grins. Sometimes they even mark themselves, carving emblems into their flesh to show loyalty or brotherhood. Females tend to bear more deliberate markings than ones awarded through battle. Piercings and tattoos are common among both genders, often used as symbols of status.

Orcs say the strong survive, and it is for their strength and knack for survival that orcs are known. Orcs who live past childhood have often endured or watched enough violence enough to kill most civilized people. Their bestial natures have them almost always on the move, and only those who survive make it to adulthood. Orc warriors can march at a brisk pace in their (often heavy) armor all day and still be eager for a fight. A favorite orcish pastime is wrestling wild beasts, and they train with weapons that smaller and weaker races can barely lift.

Kingsmen who have participated in wars with orcs in them have reported orcs beheading enemies with a single stroke, and practically splitting foes in half with their great axes. Some have even reported that the redmaw often live up to their name, smothering either their own blood or that of their enemies across their mouths in the middle of battle.


  • One of the most notable rituals of the Redmaw is that a birthday is only celebrated when the orc has managed to kill as many rival warriors or creatures as his birthday represents. An orc is only as old as those as he as killed.
  • Violence is often a respected argument to make in a disagreement. If one disagrees with an opinion, an order or even an honest truth; An honorable duel can be called into action to counter any point.

Redmaw Clan

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