Springwater is a middling sized town on the Little Cessna – the northern tributary of the greater Cessna River, in the Great Northern Forest. It is largely a trading point for the hunters, trappers, and charcoal burners who live in the surrounding forest, and bring in their wares for the traders who sail up the river.

The inhabitants are mostly human, although due to the town’s role of trading post there is a not insignificant transient population so non-humans are not treated as too much of a novelty. Of the other races, wood elves and gnomes are the most popular. The former just want to do their trading quietly and move on, and the latter are often traveling artisans or tinkers whose technical skills are sought after for work too complex for the local smith.

Springwater is too small to warrant a permanent garrison or even guard, so the town’s protection falls to whoever is around. Although as the greatest trouble tends to be the weather or domestic in nature, so existence is relatively peaceful.

Roche’s tower is about a day’s worth of travel through the forest to the north. There was a bit of a scandal when Master Erik came into town with her in tow for the first time – people couldn’t decide whether to be more outraged by the fact that the old man had a female child living with him, or the fact that she was a Tiefling. Over the years she became a regular, if infrequent, visitor so they had the time to get used to her. At worst there were some nasty rumours and signs of protection at her back, but as time went on and she never did anything worse than trading for supplies, even these died down. There was a bit of a shock when she turned up looking like a ghost after her encounter with the fey Queen, but she explained it away as an accident with a magical text (which considering the fact that Master Erik once turned himself, unintentionally, into a mouse, didn’t really surprise anyone).


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