The Prelacy of Kirrougen

The Prelate of Kirrougen is the High Priest/ess of the Life Trinity – Beory, Pelor, and Nerull. They have the highest position by dint of being the conduit for some of the most primal and basic concepts: birth, life, and death. The other Priests and Priestesses of the substantial Kirrougenean pantheon occupy positions similar to ministers and advisors, with a massive administrative cadre that is comprised equally of those in service to a deity and those purely secular, beneath them. No position is for life, for some transgression or monumental error can lose a Priest his government position, or a particularly ambitious acolyte could take his religous office (and more often than not, his life in the process). While these sorts of things are not encouraged, neither are they actively discouraged – it is thought that regular changes of staff help to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes.

The current High Priest is Tomatin Pellenum, and when not engaged in official duties, is most often found reading in his library or one of the many palace gardens. At first glance he appears as a kindly old man with a silvery beard and a shaved head. Closer inspection however, reveals hands that are still strong and a quick intelligence in his eyes, as well as a small tattoo of a wheel on the back of his head. Meeting him like this one would be forgiven for thinking he is a simple scholar, and in fact he would enjoy the deception.
The portrait above was commissioned about a decade earlier, and the artist had taken certain liberties – in an effort to play up the Prelate’s wisdom and gravitas, he took a little too much inspiration from bardic descriptions of high-elf wizards. The Prelate pretends the portrait is of someone else entirely.

Due to Kirrougen’s location and lack of military strength it is a desirable target for geographically ambitious neighbours. Faced with this threat, the Kirrougeans trade information and sometimes outright buy alliances (and therefore protection) from more powerful states. Deception is par for the course at the Prelate’s court

The activity of the Royal House of Draks has not gone unnoticed, and while it is not overtly hostile to anyone outside the Kingdom’s borders, experience has taught the Prelacy to take action as soon as possible – when enemy soldiers start to march, it is already too late. Several of the Spy Master’s agents have been mobilised to investigate and report back on the extent and goals of this activity. It is reasonable to assume that many of the Priesthood have also sent private spies so that they would received direct reports. The Prelate has not authorised any action against Draks, however at least one agent has been instructed to involve themselves in sabotage should the opportunity arises as the Spy Master exercises extreme independence. The thought process in these cases is that what the Prelate doesn’t know about (and certainly not the rest of the Priesthood as the Spy Master’s loyalty is to the Prelate alone), he can’t prohibit.

The Prelacy of Kirrougen

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