Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

Lliira's Memorial for Basically Everyone

Words cannot express how sad I am to have lost so many great friends, however this sadness is lost in comparison to the joy I feel of having such amazing friends in the first place.

Adriel~ Although I barely knew you, you were kind, and brave and I know that Pallor shined so bright on you and that you now shine with him.

Clint~ You were so old and wise, and I regret not talking to you more and learning about your past and hearing about where you are from. I have your ring and I will carry it always. Thank you for saving me almost continuously since we met in the ocean. And for being your usual grumpy grandpa self. I will miss you terribly.

Henry~ Henry, I am so sorry, for holding the Unicorn incident over you, for getting angry at you all the time because of that, I shouldn’t have blamed you, I know it wasn’t your fault for being evil. I’m sorry that you melted into goop and that you didn’t go out fighting so heroic fight on a huge ship in the middle of the ocean, I’m sure that’s how you would have wanted it. I feel terrible for egging you on, that room just looked so harmless, it was just a bit slimy and you were so strong that I figured you would be fine, I had a joke lined up that I would pretend to trap you in there as punishment and now I will never see you again to make things right. I don’t have anything physical to remember you by but to be honest I don’t think I will really need it, we have had so many funny moments together and I will look back on them fondly.

Sanjo~ Where do I start with you? Your never ending supply of cloaks was beyond hilarious, and in every fight you were incredible with your awesome cold hatchet thing. However, you were so quiet, I feel like I barely know anything about you or the city you are from and if you were into anything other than your immense cloak collection, which I am sorry to say mostly melted away with you so I guess you were able to take them with you. I did grab your cool (hehe) ice Hatchet not only to remember you by but so that you will always be with me, protecting me and its super awesome. I’m sorry that you died because of me, however you will be remembered through your incredible braveness and self-sacrifice, trying to save your friend, that is an incredibly honourable way to go.

Roche~ After we managed to make it out of that terrible room I can’t believe I had to lose you so soon. You were so brave and calm and I hate that I had to leave you behind after losing everyone else. I hate myself for not turning back and I will never be able to forgive myself. You were so smart and level headed, and beautiful. I know your queen would have been so proud of all that you accomplished for her.

I know that Laucien isn’t here today but I know that he will have wanted to be, I know that he will carry your memories with him forever and would be so thankful to not only have had your help in all the we have accomplished but to have also have had you all as friends.





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