Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

The Long Awaited Update

-- or Elspeth is sulking because the prisoners are cramping her style

So after messing around in the room where those dark clerics were opening a portal for a while we finally managed to get into the vault. Laucien broke part of the apparatus (oops…) but we worked around that. Good haul from the vault although we still need to parcel it out amongst ourselves – time’s a little pressing right now to play quartermaster. A few things did get grabbed straight away though, because they could well be useful in the coming confrontation.
There’s a bit too much “holiness” around here for my comfort. Well, holiness that is indiscriminate – I got burned by that bloody fancy light of theirs, then the sword that Laucien got had to be taken from the vault by him since neither I nor Leon could touch it safely. At least I know I’m being betrayed by my blood rather than my actions. That’s good right? Speaking of, I think I heard Laucien referring to the blade as his “hot and sexy longsword” at some point… I… am not sure how to feel about it. If it ever actually comes up in conversation though, I know exactly what kind of joke to make about. Heh. Leon ended up with some ummm primal armour. Honestly, if he were any less handsome and charming he’d look utterly ridiculous. Maybe part of the armour’s defence is making your enemy laugh at you so you get a free hit in. I don’t, but I’m kind of glad I sold it to him. Plus, it means I now have plans for when we get out of here… heh.

Cea is still trying to work out how to get the main southern doors open, and I am inclined to leave her to it for now. Those protective magics are significantly above my pay grade, and accidental explosions aren’t fun to be involved in. Ahh yes… explosions. While we were looking at the library down the south western corridor we had to face some sort of animated spell book creature (I am sensing a distinct theme to this place), which we managed to destroy no thanks to Ailish who’d run off to do… I don’t know what she was doing actually. But then she comes back, and literally the first thing she reads is an exploding rune spell. That exploded. At us. Exploding runes are not toys – they hurt. A lot.
I grabbed a few books that look promising with regards to potion making – hopefully Sil can find information in them useful towards making an antidote for that mind control goo he told me about.

Checking out the hallway to the north, where the hapless kingsmen had fled, we found some arcane blade trap that looked awfully dangerous and annoying. It was relatively entertaining watching everyone debate whether to use all available spells to dispel the cutting beams, or if Leon would risk life and limb to step through them (the latter could have been an interesting display of skill and flexibility). But you know, time’s ticking, so it seemed that a bit of judicious use of Dimension Door to get me to the bloody lever was appropriate. The expression on Princess Icicle’s face was worth the use of my only high level spell.

Found the aforementioned kingsmen in the room at the end of the hallway. Most of them are down for the count, but a couple were still mobile so I just put them to sleep to get them out of the way. Leon provided a mercy to one of the heavily injured. This has put us into a bit of a quandary – although Laucien is trying to be a good man and doesn’t wish to harm any of them, most (especially their leader, Tabitha) aren’t cooperating. We don’t need an audience while we conduct our business but the only way I can think of getting them away without letting them go to be a menace later on is… grisly. Part of me is still repelled by the thought, but another part remembers what their counterparts had done at Kirrougen and the fury rises like bile in my throat. It would probably be better if I don’t touch any of them. We need Tabitha to talk though so we can get hold of whatever box was in the base of the elf statue they used for their barricade. I guess while the rest of the group deals with these soldiers, I will occupy myself with that riddle on the dragon statue.
“Your first kiss, your last wish, my slightest touch can bring you flush, or raise the flesh upon your skin.” What could it possible mean? And why is there a mural of a red dragon here?



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