Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

The One With The Sexual Inuendo's

Laucien becomes a walking pot plant

Inside Lliira’s Strawberry Pink note book our adventures continue~

We make our way back to the Temple and just as we get to the gate I see a huge shadowy figure coming from an alleyway. I Tap on Laucien’s knee to get his attention..it takes longer than it should.. but he gets ready for a fight, the shadow emerges and we realise its Skani holding hands with two urchin children. We are all super confused as to how this whole thing works but its all very vague. but we basically establish its got something to do with Thumpkin.

Anyway we are all feeling super gross, so I lead everyone except Skani to the hot bath. Else and I help each other to remove all the worms and mud. from the other side of our bubble wall comes Henry’s voice “Oi shortstuff, wanna check out my blade?” I look at Else, because surely I didnt hear that right. She pokes her head through the bubbles and asks what the hell he is talking about and the entire bath basically devolves into dick jokes…..
Finally Henry explains himself, reminding me to inspect the dagger he had found in the warehouse. Laucien ends up looking at it however and he finds that its a “Dagger Of Beast Slaying”.
After our bath we crowd into on of the guest bedrooms to discuss our lives, our fights or our loves. We talk into the night but finally we head off to sleep, need to be ready for the next morning.

After breakfast, everyone except Lauc goes to the market place Lliira needs to buy more dye for Lauc’s beard. Henry and Skani head off to the bar where we are meeting Thumpkin later.

After buying the dye the rest of us head back to the Temple and Else and I convince Lauc to drink the green potion and suddenly all his hair becomes green grass, Else, in fits of laughter attempts to cut that grass however messes it all up horribly, I manage to salvage it and also add in small flowers so now he looks like a pretty garden! We make ur way up to the keep, Lauc is meeting with Valeria to discuss rewards and to be honest I think we are pushing our luck.
Our favorite guard is still on duty and I try to perk up his spirits, I dont think I really helped though. We get told that only Laucien can go in at first so we wait outside.

I think its all going to be ok though…maybe…



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