Elspeth Liadon

Pneumatic Spy-Bard Extraordinaire


RACE: Meridian Concubine
BACKGROUND: Faction Agent
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good

AGE: 162
WEIGHT: 110lb
EYES: Dark Blue
HAIR: Blue
SKIN: White, almost luminescent

PERSONALITY TRAITS: I’ve enjoyed fine food, drink, and high society at the Kirrougean court. Rough living grates on me.
IDEALS: I seek to learn all the secrets that people and governments hide away.
BONDS: I will do anything to protect my homeland.
FLAWS: I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.

PARTY STATUS: In the middle of Ik Hael and I have founs my blood betraying me several times. Current goals still are a) Save the world and b) Kill the BiR.


HOMETOWN: The Prelacy of Kirrougen on the far south-western coast.

BACKSTORY: Elspeth was raised at the court of the Kirrougen Prelacy by her mother, the Lady Zariah (who seemed to occupy a high but unspecified position), as her father had been killed in some battle somewhere before she was born. On her 20th birthday, Zariah deemed Elspeth mature enough to know the truth – that she while yes, she was a half-elf, the elvish part came from her missing father whom Zariah had eaten… because she was a succubus. It’s a terrible thing to be several decades into life and the wrong species.
Zariah did not believe in half-measures, so in very short order Elspeth found out the whole truth – her succubus mother was the Prelate’s Spy Master, hiding in the guise of an elf to explain her longevity; and her father had been Rivamien Liadon, the ambassador to the Prelacy from Nilvalian. The sad thing being that Zariah was genuinely fond of him, but sometimes she could not deny her fiendish nature.

These revelations were followed by several tumultuous years of blazing rows, Elspeth denying her infernal heritage (she embraced her elvish one thus becoming Meridian and took her father’s family name) and occasionally running away from home. Always having had a love and aptitude for music, she would inevitably end up joining a traveling minstrel or acting troupe, much to the embarrassment of her mother.

Eventually Elspeth got tired of tormenting her mother and returned formally to the court, often coming back to Zariah with gossip and informational tidbits more on par with those received from her actual spies. In the end, Elspeth’s gregarious nature, curiosity, and bardic skills rather organically lead her to join the cadre of intelligence agents under her mother’s control. The former two aspects provided an inclination to find information, and the latter opened a surprising number of doors providing legitimate reasons to be at certain courts or soirees. And while Elspeth does not completely share in her succubi ancestors’ appetites, she is quite willing to use her feminine wiles should the situation require it.

Most recently the Prelate has become concerned at the actions of the King of Draks, because while they did not appear to be overtly hostile, the latter was clearly showing an ambitious streak. Being a firm believer in informed action, he directed his Spy-Master to find out as much as possible of the situation in Draks, and if the opporunity presented itself, to conduct any actions that would ensure the security of Kirrougen. Elspeth is but one of the agents currently operating in Draks (because a ruler that doesn’t keep an eye on his neighbours, doesn’t remain a ruler for long), but is the only one to have planted herself square in the middle of a group of rebels.

RELIGION As a Kirrougean Elspeth has been surrounded by faith, and the faithful, almost her whole life. As part of her rebellion against Zariah, she involved herself quite heavily with the more fervent young acolytes at court, and would regularly partake in worship and ceremonies. This didn’t last too long, as the amount of effort it took to maintain the fallacy of being a believer was disproportionate to how much it actually annoyed her mother. However it has left a mark, and she will call upon a suitable deity when the occasion warrants it. Her personal faith remains a private thing, however if asked Elspeth will, not untruthfully, say that she favours Olidammara.

FAMILY Elspeth’s mother is Zariah, a succubus working as the (very hands-on) spy-master for the Prelacy of Kirrougen. She seduced Rivamien Liadon, the ambassador from Nilvalian originally as a duty, but soon grew fond of him. Their liaison was cut short when her fiendish nature reasserted itself in the worst possible way, and she consumed his anima completely. Elspeth has never met any other high-elf of the Liadon family, and isn’t even sure she has any paternal relatives left alive. Neither mother nor daughter have raised the idea of tracing the infernal family line, because that would not end well as most demons would not honour Zariah’s desire to keep her daughter safe.
About 50 years ago, Zariah had another daughter, Lisbeth. Lisbeth is Lilin as she strongly favours her infernal side. The sisters love each other very much, although Lisbeth baulks at the mothering and control both Zariah and Elspeth subject her to. This is with good reason however, as Lisbeth sometimes has problems managing her appetite. While Elspeth is part of the intelligence gathering arm of Zariah’s network, largely roaming free, Lisbeth is more like a dagger – to be carefully inserted into a previously prepared situation (often to then literally insert a dagger into someone who is being difficult).

ENEMIES: Elspeth generally has no real enemies, although anyone who harms Lisbeth (if they survive the process) will be living on borrowed time. And to add insult to injury, have their name dragged through the mud (of all the local taverns) before and after death. The same generally applies to her mother’s foes, although Zariah is more than capable of taking care of herself. Recently though, after a certain painful and humiliating encounter, Elspeth rates Elindera (BiR) as her #1 enemy and has plans to do great violence upon her.


I think Laucien is like the pike hiding in a calm stream – the face he presents to the world belies a surprisingly devious mind. Although he still needs to develop a certain amount of viciousness if he hopes to succeed. It still amazes me how many people are willing to, and do, die for him. I am not sure I like being one of those people… but while we work towards the same goals, we must protect each other. My respect for him took a bit of a nosedive though when he made out with a wall…

I am going to be keeping a close eye on this one, because she somehow managed to explode us in the magic library. Touch first and think later is apparently the course of action here.

Well… a human hasn’t had me in this much of a fluster in a long time. I admit that my initial assessment was utterly superficial, and the flirting was was just fun (I am what I am hah). After he let me be a coward about those Kingsmen, with no judgement, I had to seriously reconsider my original thoughts. And then when I thought he’d died with Sil un that lava pit… Looks like there’s something more fun to look forward to than just death and destruction.

I love Sil, just like I love Lisbeth. And just like with her, I occasionally want to put his head through a wall. His pig-headed pride is so aggravating, especially when the little shit ends up right. Still, didn’t stop my heart from jumping into my throat when he fell into the lava. Although I could have throttled him for his attitude whe it tured out he was just fine!

Elspeth Liadon

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