Salazar "Sal" Domine

Go Big or Go Home


RACE: Variant Human
CLASS: War Cleric
BACKGROUND: Soldier (Sergeant-At-Arms)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

AGE: 42
HEIGHT: 6’8"
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Blond going grey
SKIN: Tanned and weathered

PERSONALITY TRAITS: I face problems head on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.
IDEALS: Greater Good – Our lot is lo lay down our lives in defense of others.
BONDS: Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind.
FLAWS: I made a terrible mistake in battle cost many lives and I would do anything to keep that mistake secret.

PARTY STATUS: I’ll be joining the team going to Drax, but at the moment we are still planning out the mission, and who exactly will be in this team.



BACKSTORY: Salazar was born and raised in the city of Drax. His father was an armourer for the royal guard, whose facility for detailed work made his services desirable even for nobles, and therefore quite wealthy. This allowed for a small shop to be purchased in the merchants’ district, where his mother sold clothes and provided seamstress’ services. Sal’s childhood was happy – his parents doted on him, and thanks to his size he faced little by way of the usual troubles boys in the city came up against. His decision to join the military was cause for both pride and disappointment though, as it had always been assumed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. Although in retrospect, the latter admitted that it was probably for the best, as Sal’s talents apparently lay in putting armour to good use rather than in its’ creation.
He did not show much ambition, but a natural aptitude for battle and an almost magical ability to get along with just about anyone, led to him rather quickly gravitating to the role of sergeant-at-arms. A career soldier, he spent many years away from his home, always volunteering to where the conflict was – even if it was just bandit patrol. This led to one of the few regrets of his life. An accident in the forge had cost his father his life, and Sal did not hear about this until several months later upon his return. The combination of grief and shame (for his mother had taken the death badly), led him to curb his warlike ways and take duty with the palace guard. This lasted a couple of years, before his mother (who had recovered well, and had grown into a canny business-woman in the absence of her husband) lost patience with his moping around and told him to go off and find a war or something because he was “making [her] house look messy”. This time Sal made sure to keep a close eye on his remaining parent, using his connections with the palace guard to receive regular reports on how she was doing. She lived well, and Sal was grateful that when her death did come, it was due to age, and peaceful, and before things had taken such a bad turn in the city they both loved.
Salazar was a huge man, strong and skilled with many weapons – and that made him fearless, which made the made the soldiers following him also fearless, for what could go wrong? One day, they found out exactly what could, when his unit grossly overextended themselves, chasing a routed group of bandits into an ambush. They were decimated, and Sal watched his soldiers and friends falling one by one, while he struggled to pull them back out of this and survive himself. In desperation, he offered up him fighting arm, his battle spirit to the Powers, if any one of them would reach out to help him save his people. That was when the magic came. It was suddenly as if he had known all his life how to cast those spells, they were instinctive, and he knew exactly how to use them to protect those he cared about. Only a fraction of his unit survived that day, but without the divine intervention there would have been none at all.
Salazar is a man of his word, and upon his return to Drax he made his way to the imposing temple that housed the acolytes of War, for with the magic had come a geas. He had offered up his arm and spirit as sacrifice, and War had accepted, but not in the expected way, for War wants and rewards action. Thus, he entered service as a cleric, a war-priest whose prayers are the clang of weapon against weapon, and the cry of victory in battle.

RELIGION: Sal doesn’t volunteer any information about his faith – he feels that who and how he is telegraphs quite clearly his clerical dominion, and therefore which of the Powers he cleaves to. But if asked his typical response is something along the lines of: “The gods of the joy of battle and the sweetness of victory… not the ones into the bad shit, y’know?”


ENEMIES: Anyone who harms or threatens those he cares about. This extends to the people of Drax in general. Currently, Aemon Drax, Jaakobah, Elindera, and their dark god are the top of that list.


Salazar "Sal" Domine

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