The know-it-all brat.


RACE: High-Elf.
CLASS: Wizard ; School of Evocation with a preference for lightning and cold spells.
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good.
SEXUALITY: Biromantic demisexual.
BEST ATTRIBUTES: Intelligence.

AGE: 122.
HEIGHT: 5’10".
WEIGHT: 69kgs.
EYES: Silver blue.
HAIR: White, straight & reaches his lower back. Has taken to braiding some of it to keep it out of his face while travelling.
SKIN: Almost white.
ATTIRE: Favours pale blue draping robes with silver trimmings and has a collection of ornate silver jewellery (gifts from his parents and family).

PERSONALITY TRAITS: No one could doubt by looking at his regal bearing that he is a cut above the unwashed masses. He is a clean freak and very conscious of his appearance, rarely appearing dirty even while travelling through grubby terrain.
IDEALS: Blood is thicker than water. Knowledge is power.
BONDS: He will face any challenge in order to honor his family’s memory and learn the truth about their disappearance. He is continuously looking for opportunities to study his magic further.
FLAWS: He (not so) secretly believes that everyone is beneath him and that the world does in fact revolve around him.


HOMETOWN: Nilvalian; also known as the Trade Wind Isles.Untitled.png
BACKSTORY: As a child Silevion never wanted for anything. Born of noble house, his Father [right] was Captain of their sky city’s defense forces, while his Mother [below right] became the head healer. They cherished their son with gifts, knowledge and adoration, his Mother teaching him magic abilities as soon as he was able to learn. He was moulded from a young age to assume a position of prominence within the city when he was eventually old enough.

He continually turned down these positions in order to study his magic further, knowledge more important to him than esteem. It was in his 122nd year that his parents left their city with a team of diplomats to meet with the king. The party never returned or were heard from again. For several months after the date they were due to return, Silevion attempted to rally able elves to accompany him to learn their whereabouts, but all were hesitant to leave the confines of the Trade Wind Isles.

In the end he was forced to depart alone, driven by a need for answers. On the ground he struggled to find people willing to accompany him to the King’s city, his elven heritage, magic-wielding and all around bratty personality off-putting for many. While he would have enjoyed travelling by himself, he was not stupid enough to underestimate the dangers of doing so. And so he stumbled upon some unlikely companions in the small village of Westbrook and that was when his adventure truly began.
FRIENDS: Laucien & Elspeth.
ENEMIES: The King of Draks.
Laucien: Laucien is the only sensible leader for… whatever you would call the revolt I have somehow gotten myself a part of. He is lead by sound morals, and a determination that I still question sometimes, but I do not believe his intent to be selfish. Despite his obvious willingness to see the good in everyone, and the fact that he is a frankly awful excuse for a paladin, there is a part of me that has to be grateful for his protection. He had no reason to even accept me as part of the party all those months ago, yet he did without a beat of hesitation and if it were not for Laucien and his adept healing capabilities there is a good chance I would already be dead.

Elspeth: Elspeth has been the easiest person to see eye to eye with upon my journeys. She is polite and friendly when she is not swallowed by murderous rage (a fact I can forgive as we share a common enemy) and I take a certain hesitant comfort in her companionship. She acts as something of a strict Mother when she is not seeking her own pleasures and somewhat surprisingly, I do not dislike her bardic melodies. I find myself wanting to help her restore her homeland once I have dealt with my own problems, but I will have to take great care to avoid her Mother.

Sanjo: The fighter was a closed book, one I was not particularly interested in reading, but I can admit there was some curiosity. From what I knew of him, he was a bounty-hunter and was tied to the young tiefling in some way. He did not seem the type, with his sometimes playful and erratic nature, which lead me to wonder what his motivations were in all of this. We were on very neutral terms, but he did not speak ill of me as some of the others had been inclined to do, so I was at peace with his presence. It will be strange not to see him and his billowing of cloak around any longer.

Skarni: The orc is a foul, unreasonable beast, prone to foolish outbursts and selfish actions. He speaks as if he is above the rest of us, myself included, which is a laughable notion. I should have left him in the stocks in Destrum, but alas, he has some use to us in the revolution. He and his orcs will be the first to be thrown to the Kings men. They’ll make fine meat shields while the rest of us focus on the real fight.

Amaranthine: Her death came to her too soon. And while I regret the end of all life, any open sympathy I could offer would only be hollow to those in the party that knew her better than I. Privately I hope she finds peace, but I did not spend enough time with her to know who she hopes will accept her to the afterlife. I am used to knowing passing friends for many years, having never been among any other race but the elves, it is difficult for me to grieve for a month of what was not even pleasant companionship. Regardless, I hope she is now free in death of the things that so obviously troubled her in life.


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