Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs

Meeting Mr. Dosk

Dear Aly.

I have finally met up with the one, the only Laucien Dosk, Leader of the Rebels and his group of daring adventurers, although they do not seem as daring as I thought. But let me tell you how we met because I must say it was incredible and of course I was the hero!

After leaving Drax I set out to Durstrum, Lauciens newly conquered city. It was here that I found out two important things; One, Laucien was no longer in the city and he wouldn’t be returning for quite some time, if at all, and Two, there was an assassin looking for him too, although this assassin didn’t know that I had discovered this information. This assassin, lets call him…..Tony…yeah..that will do, well Tony had found out where laucien was headed and decided he would intercept Laucien and ambush him, and make the whole thing look like a rode side robbery attempt. Well I couldn’t just let this idiot go off and try to kill the man who I was so looking forward to meeting, so I decided I will follow him and just at the right moment swoop on in and save Laucien’s life! I mean after saving the mans life he is bound to invite me along.

So I follow Tony around for the next day, blending into the crowd, using those skills of thievery that I have spent my life perfecting, although, with a face like this, its not easy. The next day I followed Tony out of the city. Whilst we were still on the main road this was fairly easy to do with out getting noticed, but as the roads grew smaller and the crowd thinned out I must confess that staying hidden became quite hard, thank the heavens I am as amazing as I think I am, because this idiot didn’t have a clue I was even there. Just as the sun was setting, Tony settled himself into a tree, whose branches hung above the small road we were on, to wait for his prey. I managed to hide myself not far away in a smaller tree, but with a clear view of Tony and the road ahead.


It was mid morning to mid day when I hear the familiar sound of foot steps coming toward us. Tony seemed very interested and from is higher vantage point I guess he was able to see it was Laucien before me, so whilst he was so focused on his target and with the sounds of the group approaching I managed to slip down from the tree and get my shot lined up and ready.

First came one of the largest women I have ever seen, she was barely dressed and had what appeared to be a wolves head as some kind of hat. Behind her was a strange looking creature with pale blue skin and horns curling around her face beside her walked a large mastiff with saddle bags and a bridal yet no rider. Behind the horned woman came a small girl with flowing pink hair and a distracted look on her face, she seemed to be focused more on the plants that grew beside the path then where her feet where taking her, and Following all of these strange women, was Laucien, he was completely unaware of what lay ahead of him and didn’t seem to be keeping a lookout for danger at all. Just as Laucien passed under the tree Tony lept down brandishing a short sword, caught completely off guard, Laucien was unable to draw his weapon in time. Luckily for him I was ready, and with a shot like something from one of your songs it flew straight and true and imbedded itself in Tony’s neck. I then proceeded to calmly walk past the group who were all too stunned to do anything and searched Tony, I had a terrible feeling that this man had been sent by the King and my suspicions were correct, inside his pockets I found the poison he had coated his blade with as well as the kings insignia. I showed both of these to Laucien as I introduced myself.
Dear sister I am sorry to say that the songs you sing of this deceiver are very misleading, he is in no way a demon and the only horns are on the woman who I mentioned earlier. I was incredibly disappointed to find out he was just another knight in shining armour trying to do the right thing, and as I found out over the next couple of weeks, he isn’t very good at doing the right thing.

We travelled through small farming towns and across fields with Val, the incredibly tall woman leading the way, which turned out to be the great pillar of black smoke on top of a huge mountain. Just as we get to the foot of the mountain we camp for the night and Val and I take first watch, an hour into the night a travelling salesman shows up and offers us payment if we watch over his cart and him for a few hours, one of the items he offers is some kind of magic sword, and who am I to say no to such a generous offer? Remind me to say no to these offers and that if it seems too good to be true, than it probably is. Not two seconds after picking up this sword did I discover that I was unable to put it down, not only that but it appeared to make all my hair grow at an alarming rate. I fell asleep only to wake up to find that my hair had continued to grow over night and I now looked like a waling hay stack. Laucien found this to be beyond incredible as he had started to see me as a rival rather than a friend and believed I was now no longer a threat to him. However I found my curse to be a blessing in disguise as we headed up the mountain the weather turned bad and it became incredibly cold and wet.
We came to a pass and found that the way was blocked by Kings men, Val and Ailish, the small and easily distracted one decide that they will head down and see what they are here for and if they could pass through. Although we couldn’t hear the conversation, we could tell it did not go well, and Val and Ailish were soon in the middle of a fight. During this battle I managed to get rid of this terrible sword by convincing one of the Kings men that I was a Mountain Spirit and that the blade would help him to defeat all his enemies. After the fight I stole the warm winter gear from one of the few guards who had died a relatively clean death, and then took the time to shave everywhere. I know that as my sister you don’t want to hear these things but you will be the one to write of my heroic deeds and I need you to know that I didn’t stay as some kind of yeti. Yeti’s are not sexy, not even a little bit, and what is the point of being a daring adventurer if I don’t get laid at the end of it all?

After dispatching the kings men, we continued up the mountain, it would have been incredible, if it wasn’t so bloody cold. At one point we came to a cliff overlooking a series of valley’s and other smaller mountains stretching off into the distance. Directly across from us on the side of the mountain was the skeleton of a Giant, Ailish said that she could see runes painted onto the cliffs beside it, perhaps someone was trying to resurrect it. From this height I could see other army encampments, one of which was under attack, although, from this distance I couldn’t see which side they were on as well as abandoned Barbarian villages. I can also see a huge birds nest which seemed to be unguarded, as well as a swirling vortex of magic.


We continued the next day, Laucien scouting ahead, we came to a narrow ice bridge, high above the valley floor, and just as we reached it to follow Laucien, it collapsed. Our only options were to climb down the mountain cross through the valley and back up the other side, a journey that would add on days, or we could climb up the ice cliffs and find another bridge to cross, Val decided that this would be the best and quickest option, so up we went. Val tied Ailish onto her back and swiftly made her way up the sheer wall of ice, like some kind of spider, I swear to the Gods, this woman purely exists to make me look bad. Now you know me dear sister, you know that i am a pretty decent climber, I man how many windows have I had to climb out of when someones husband has come home early? Well you would think climbing up would be just as easy, I blame the ice. It vary rarely snows in Drax. Anyway, on the second attempt I made it up, without help but you could maybe edit that out for me, you know I climbed up first and helped get Val over the ledge…. I don’t know you can work that out. Once we were up it was just a matter of following the path around and crossing over a different bridge and caught up with Laucien who had managed to acquire a hoard of goodies as well as a handy dandy Bag of Holding and absolute crap tonne of gold, so I figured Id help a friend out and take some off his hands, remind me to shout you for dinner the next time I come to visit.

We continued on our way up the mountain coming to a clearing where there were obvious signs of a recent fight, yet no one living around, suddenly we were surrounded by up to 30 men. I couldn’t see any way out of this one sis, we were beyond out numbered, and we were no way ready for a fight. I looked around, looked at Laucien, stepped forward and said, ”Gentlemen, do you not recognise this man?”. Everyone stopped. From behind the wall of soldiers a older man with grey hair and a grey beard stepped forward, obviously this was the leader, I stepped back presenting Laucien, this man came right up to Laucien, his hand on his sword, the whole world seemed to stop, there wasn’t a sound, I am pretty sure I stopped breathing.
”Laucien?” He asked incredulously.

As it turns out Aly, this was Bennett, the guy were were meeting up with, and apparently Laucien was late, like three months late. Bennett lead us over the rise and before us was the camp he had set up, with some help from a High elf named Silevion, but I’ll get to him later. Directly below us to the East was a small grove of trees grown out of the rocks by the Druids camping there, to the west of them were a collection of animal hide huts and Orc’s could be seen moving through the area, North of the Orcs were a collection of coloured flags and strange tents these are the Kirroguen people who are led by the lovely Zariah, to the East of her forcers were the soldiers lead by Talin and Valaria from Durstrum, West of them were the Amerilion forces and to the North of them Was a Arcane tower, it seemed to deflect dirt away from itself. Laucien made his way through the camp stopping at each if the area’s to be either welcomed by new friends or to be introduced to new allies. By the time we had reached the Arcane tower we the sun was close to setting, inside we found the High Elf I mentioned before, Silevion, he used to travel with Laucien and has been incredibly busy getting this all set up. I don’t think I have seen someone upset and pompous with in the same sentence yet Silevion managed it easily, he effectively discussed everything that he had done in the three months since they had parted ways, whilst complaining that Laucien has taken too long and basically done nothing productive. Sis this Elf really is incredible, he managed to sneak through the underground passageways through the city and linked up some long forgotten portal system.

Any way Aly, tonight is our last night, in the morning we are heading into Ik’Hael, a long abandoned ruin, known to be haunted, to chase down an army of Kings men as well as the man they are calling “_The One_’, to save Silevion’s father and fulfil some kind of prophecy, so just another day really.
Give my love to Ronan and Katrina for me, tell them that Uncle Leon is defeating Monsters and overthrowing the king, and basically getting myself into trouble.
Stay safe dear Sister.



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