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  • Kharid

    Kharid is known among the many clans as the 'first warchief'. It was he who who saw the frailty of the other clans. He was strong, impulsive but neither foolish nor impatient. Kharid called the clans to a moot. It was there that he took part of the Thirty …

  • Orcish Culture

    Orcish culture is often difficult to understand as most scholars seem to unintentionally put themselves at odds with the orcs that are willing to talk by accidentally insulting them. Half-Orcs tend to be the sole providers of any information to share. …

  • Orcish Religion

    [[File:571109 | class=media-item-align-center | orcmask2.0.png]]The orcish clans have no formalized religion. The Redmaw most definitely believe differently than the other clans.