A Land Least Loved

Elwynn was once an important ground for fierce beasts to contend over. Dry and desolate, the land was battle-scarred early in it’s life from the intense fury of dragons and wyverns, mythical creatures and anything else that attempted ownership.

It wasn’t the arid conditions they fought so strongly over but rather the spring of magic that flowed beneath. Considered as a ‘major magical flow’ to the Elder Dragons, ownership – even for a few hours – meant recovery and strength unheard of.

The land became craggy and torn from the major battles, dragonblood and ether seeped into the land causing eruptions of magic bursting from the land ripping it from the inside.

As the fighting continued, the land itself became weary. No longer could it stage this bloodshed whilst it’s own blood was stolen.

A Spiritual Forgiving Lost

As a last forgiving act, Elwyyn retracted it’s magical flow removing cause for concern.
The beasts, panicked and enraged, fought fiercer trying to collect the last traces of ether. Centuries passed as the flow disappeared. In it’s place just fear and strife. Thousands of bodies torn to shreds, some still battling for their ether oblivious to the pain.

As the age of humanity began it’s slow ascent, the last few contenders for Elwyyn’s resources had long come to peace with each other. There was nothing but history on this desert now, but history the Elder Dragons would prefer to maintain.

New Life Over Less

The most powerful of the Elder Dragons maintaining dominance of Elwyyn, Elwing, knew well that the land would return it’s magical flow when the battles stopped. Elwing had killed whom it had to, torn those that opposed it and obliterated all else. It did not care for battle any longer and would rest his wounds off.
As the flow of magic began creeping closer to the surface, the weather began a turbulent revolt – churned skies and cataclysmic lightning brought flooding and fire to Elwyyn. Nature was cleansing itself and Elwing knew better than to stay.

Within a century or so, the first signs of flora began peering through the land. First the seedlings tapped into the magic, soaking up tiny amounts to produce beautifully dense bushes. Next came the grass; acres and acres filled the land in waves following the natural contour of the ether flow. Thick and impenetrable towards the flow, thin and quiet towards the edges and with both came the wind. The grass covered the bodies of legends that had lost their lives in the years past, drawing every little magical property from it’s host. Springs and meadows formed soon to invite all manners of fey.

Finally came the trees. Alive in more ways than one, it could be said their positioning was that of a strategic fortification. Lesser folk would assume the trees grew on their own accord where light favoured growth and the now nutrient rich land allowed them to outlast history. The Elder Dragons knew better and understood it was a defense of something.
The trees grew strong and with purpose. The land below became shrouded and humid, enough for animals to begin habiting. Seasons returned to Elwyyn over time and with that, the Elves took residence.

Unknowing Defenders

Time passed as it does and little changed. Other factions attempted time and time again to destroy the land or take it as their own but the Elves were more than persistent. Strong, agile and rarely magical, the Elves protected their new home to the death.

Soon tales of ‘chosen ones’ exchanged lips. These chosen, or defenders, were especially gifted magical elves that reacted exceptionally well to the magic flowing beneath their feet. They showed exceptional growth in ability and personality traits that inspired others.

Over thousands of years, many defenders were chosen and quickly Bards began writing songs about their adventures. The latest, Greth, had survived longer than all previous and spent his final years exploring the lesser-known areas of Elwyyn – catacombs and caves – in search of a fortified weapon. Greth never returned and with no unrest for a time, the Elders figured best to ignore the next choice.

Currently, we are safe.

Elwyyn now spends much of it’s time watching the seasons roll by. Some are harsh whilst others easier but every year brings it’s own challenges that the Elders meet over to discuss.
Many beautiful stone buildings are well hidden amongst the trees as they arch over the marble and slate covering them from the light of the day. During the winter months, the forest becomes lighter as the canopy dies away and the Elves retreat into the warmth of their homes.
Further from the center of their town, smaller and fewer homes scatter themselves in strategic spots. Lakes and creeks, animal bottlenecks and particularly good cover are all valued.
The Elves make use of the animals for their communication, trading their safety for their skills.

In recent years there has been an increase in ‘stray adventurers’ travelling through Elwyyn only to be slightly more curious about the magical flux beneath than one would expect from someone so well armoured.


Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs vSanjo