Gröryn is one but of many names that the thing that lurks in the woods of Westbrook has taken throughout the years. The books and scholars in Draks have drawn links between it and the seasons, forests and many disappearances over the last several decades. His mark is known to be a goat’s skull, slashed through the middle and adorned with a third eye. His believers tend to be druids, hunters, lumberjacks and farmers. There are even undeniable links to the druidic circle called the Wulfric Circle, but members of the circle are hard to find, and even harder to talk to.

Gröryn is known throughout the land as the great guardian of the forest, though belief in the spirit has faded over time, although he has never had any churches built in his name, he has always been a deity thought better left outside of civilization.

His realm, Vikarsskeið is also known as the blackforest is where Gröryn seems to take his kidnapped charges, and reign almost untouched. Any details of the realm have either been lost to time, or have never been revealed as most druids of the Wulfric Circle aren’t entirely willing to talk about their experiences on the other side.

Farmers would sacrifice youthful animals to Gröryn to guarantee a prosperous winter, and help prevent their farms from dying out in the summer. While the rituals are complicated, and require a certain finesse with the iron stomach to go through with it, most farmers swear by the results of their prosperous households.

Hunters would skin animals and leave their hides out in the wild for Gröryn to collect, then return to find the land more abundant with fresh prey. While the results may be debatable, the hunters that do sacrifice to Gröryn are most certainly some of the best.

Warriors would split their foes in horrible, cruel fashions and leave the heart for the fae for a smaller glimmer of hope that Gröryn would bestow upon them the strength and fury of whatever animal they desired.


Of Crows, Dirt and Dongs JWP