Kharid is known among the many clans as the ‘first warchief’. It was he who who saw the frailty of the other clans. He was strong, impulsive but neither foolish nor impatient. Kharid called the clans to a moot. It was there that he took part of the Thirty-Twenty (Azun-Azorun in Orcish) duel. Kharid killed every rival in his way, anything that disagreed, he’d kill.

After five hours of brutal infighting, he was no longer just Kharid. He was Kharid, The First Warchief, and the walker of the Azun-Azorun and the hero of every child in the clans. Kharid started the many traditions that many orcs still honour.

Kharid lasted three months as the First Warchief. He died in honourable warfare against a rival warrior.

  • The Thirty-Twenty: There are approximately three hundred and twenty clans of orcs in the kingdom. The Path of the Thirty-Twenty is the pipe-dream of many an orcish child. To fight three hundred and twenty consecutive fights with the warlord of every clan in the kingdom for the right to call themselves the First Warchief.
  • Azagbokur can be literally translated as ’prosper. Kharid died believing that his might had helped carve further respect of his race among the other peoples of the kingdom.


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